Addressing a Disposition or Cavities

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Do you take good care of your teeth every day with brushing and flossing but still develop cavities? Conversely, have you noticed that some people never seem to develop a cavity? You aren’t alone in this struggle. Some patients are naturally predisposed to have a high risk of cavities due to their genetics, but our team is here to help.

Genetics can cause you to have softer tooth enamel or teeth that are crowded, increasing the likelihood of cavities. Unfortunately, genetic issues make addressing the root of your problem more difficult. If your issue is soft enamel, we offer a few suggestions to help you with cavity prevention. It’s important to avoid unintentionally brush the gums too hard, as this can cause harm to your smile. You may also want to reduce your soda intake to avoid tooth damage.

We can also help you overcome crowded teeth. This may involve orthodontic care or extracting a few of the teeth. We recommend that you address crowded teeth quickly because they can easily hide bacteria and make thorough dental cleaning such as brushing and flossing a real struggle. If you have an issue with overcrowded teeth, we encourage you to schedule a visit to our office so that Dr. Roger Druckman can provide specific advice regarding your dental needs.

Fortunately, the process of addressing cavities can be simple, even if you are prone to tooth decay. It’s important to not ignore cavities until you are feeling pain and may need to receive root canal therapy to restore the tooth.

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