Dental Bridges for Knocked-Out Teeth

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The root and strong periodontal ligaments that support your teeth are very durable but can be affected by a blow to the face, especially if there is sufficient force to knock out the tooth. This can result in severe trauma that needs to be addressed by a TMJ Specialist. While in some cases we may be able to place the tooth back into the socket, a dental bridge may be a more effective option for your smile.

In dental emergency cases where the trauma is very severe and prevents the tooth from being saved, you may need to have the tooth root removed, along with any lingering remnants, to treat pain and prevent the development of additional oral health complications.

When your mouth is healed, we can replace the missing tooth with a custom-made dental bridge, which is comprised of a false tooth or teeth between two dental crowns. We form abutments out of the two closest teeth on either side of the gap to ensure the bridge can be anchored in place. To form the abutments, we first remove the tooth enamel that covers these teeth, leaving a protective sheath to keep the nerve, pulp and root of each tooth in good health. Temporary dental crowns can be placed over each abutments to ensure they are protected while the dental bridge is created.

The second step is to create a detailed impression of the tooth gap, abutments and any nearby teeth so that the new dental bridge can be created. Then, we can cement the dental restoration onto the corresponding abutments.

If you have lost a tooth, please contact Roger Druckman, DDS PC at 303-324-0173 to speak with a member of Dr. Roger Druckman‘s team about receiving a dental bridge in Lakewood, Colorado.