Eliminating Tooth Hazards from Your Life

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Always exercise caution with tooth hazards that are prevalent in your day-to-day life. This includes those activities that can potentially damage your smile, including bad habits or lifestyle choices that are not always best for your teeth and gums. Furthermore, never use your mouth for any activities for which they are not intended. Here are some helpful hints to remember in regard to tooth hazard prevention:

– If you are a smoker, it is important to quit the habit immediately. This also goes for chewing tobacco. Tobacco is a known tooth hazard that contributes to poor oral health. This is because it can cause bad breath, stained teeth, tooth loss, and even cancer.

– To keep your smile safe from dental damage, never chew on inedible products. This can include pencils, pen caps, or other similar products. By doing so, you are risking dental damage to your teeth and gums, including chipped and cracked teeth, or lacerated gums. Instead, try using chewing gum or other similar product.

– Exercise caution with products that can severely hinder the color of your teeth. This includes drinking coffee and wine which are known tooth-staining products. If you do happen to suffer any stains or discolored teeth, consider using a tooth whitening treatment system to eradicate the damage and enhance your smile.

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