General Dentistry: The Facts You Should Know

If you want a strong and healthy smile, then you’ll need to take advantage of general dentistry. General dentistry is a branch of dentistry that helps many patients have the top-notch oral health they deserve. With the help of preventive and therapeutic treatments, this is possible. To tell you more... Read more »

Combat Your Bad Breath

Our dentist, Dr. Roger Druckman in Denver, Colorado, is happy to help you combat your bad breath. There are many triggers to bad breath, and when it comes to overcoming it, our team is happy to help you. Bad breath, also known as halitosis, can be difficult to combat at... Read more »

Dental Bridges for Knocked-Out Teeth

The root and strong periodontal ligaments that support your teeth are very durable but can be affected by a blow to the face, especially if there is sufficient force to knock out the tooth. This can result in severe trauma that needs to be addressed by a dentist. While in... Read more »

Eliminating Tooth Hazards from Your Life

  Always exercise caution with tooth hazards that are prevalent in your day-to-day life. This includes those activities that can potentially damage your smile, including bad habits or lifestyle choices that are not always best for your teeth and gums. Furthermore, never use your mouth for any activities for which they... Read more »

Smile Therapy: Bruxism Treatments

  Have you ever heard of bruxism? Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, is a condition in which your teeth become damaged or worn down over time due to grinding your teeth at night. In order to combat bruxism, it is first important to identify that is taking place and... Read more »

Among Their Many Benefits, Dental Implants Make Smiles Stronger

Has tooth loss left one or more unattractive gaps in your smile? Tooth loss not only affects your smile’s appearance, it can also trigger shifting teeth, tooth decay, and gum disease. One of the many benefits of dental implants is that they provide the strength and support your smile needs... Read more »

Dental Facts on Cavity Prevention Treatments

If left untreated, acid erosion destroys your tooth enamel and can eventually lead to cavities. This is dangerous because it leaves the inner roots of your teeth vulnerable to infections and ultimately the risk of tooth loss. That is why it is important to establish an effective cavity prevention treatment... Read more »

How to Care for Composite Fillings

Since the 1990’s, composite fillings have become the top choice for patients, mainly due to the look of the materials. What is great is that tooth-colored fillings are just as good as silver fillings, as they last long and have an attractive appeal. In fact, patients of all ages are... Read more »

Tips on How to Keep Your Smile in Tip-Top Shape

Unfortunately, there are many things that can harm the smile. In fact, there is acid, bacteria, plaque, and tartar that threaten the teeth and gums regularly. It’s important to do all you can each day to maintain the top-notch smile you deserve. To help you, our dentist, Dr. Roger Druckman,... Read more »

Preparing for a Retainer

The function of a retainer is just what the word entails: it “retains” the position of your newly corrected smile once your braces or aligners treatment is complete. Dr. Roger Druckman, your orthodontist, integrates a retainer into every long-standing orthodontic treatment plan for the reason that your teeth need time... Read more »