Denver CO Orthodontist: Braces – Invisalign

Dr. Druckman has been performing orthodontic treatment on children and adults and giving people beautiful smiles for over 35 years. He uses state-of-the-art techniques to achieve beautiful, functional results without extractions.

For those patients who have been told that extractions are necessary, Dr. Druckman uses functional orthopedic appliances that cause the bone to grow to its full genetic potential thereby allowing room for all of the patient’s teeth. The functional appliances are comfortable and easy to wear and in most cases are not visible when you smile. For children that don’t have enough room for all of their teeth, Dr. Druckman will begin treatment with functional appliances and if necessary continue treatment with braces, which will typically ensure overall shorter treatment times.

In addition, Dr. Druckman utilizes Invisalign for those patients who want their teeth straightened and don’t want any metal showing. As a matter of fact for adults who want to avoid extractions and traditional braces, Dr. Druckman begins treatment with functional appliances and then continues treatment with Invisalign.

Visit our friendly office and get a FREE orthodontic consultation and X-ray for yourself or your child because Dr. Druckman guarantees his patients in having a magnificent healthy, full smile!

Before and After Orthodontic Dentistry by Dr. Druckman

Dr. Druckman is an ALL-INCLUSIVE dentist that will eliminate your pain and provide you with excellent dental care!!

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What patients say about Dr. Druckman

  • I am so grateful to him and his entire staff. I am actually now looking forward to getting my dental work done and knowing he and his staff are helping me to conquer my extreme dental anxiety. I know I will be able to continue with regular dental checkups from now on.

  • Dr. Druckman and staff are always pleasant and willing to go the extra mile for patients…He does excellent cosmetic procedures and is not overpriced! I love my smile and will keep going to Dr. Druckman to maintain it!

  • Dr. Druckman is the most down to earth, honest, and compassionate dentist that I have ever known. He never made me feel bad, and has given me a beautiful smile.

  • I know there are a lot of others out there with sleep apnea that are ready to get rid of their CPAP machines and take back their nighttimes by being able to sleep without a mask. Trust me, Dr. Druckman is an absolute genius. I fully recommend Dr. Druckman with respect to the treatment of sleep apnea.