Preparing for a Retainer

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The function of a retainer is just what the word entails: it “retains” the position of your newly corrected smile once your braces or aligners treatment is complete.

Dr. Roger Druckman, your orthodontist, integrates a retainer into every long-standing orthodontic treatment plan for the reason that your teeth need time to adjust to their new alignment. There is residual tension in their underlying periodontal ligaments that may otherwise cause your teeth to go back to their original positions.

Depending on a host of factors, Dr. Roger Druckman may tell you to have your retainer in your mouth for about 22-23 hours every day for a few months. You would remove it only while eating or cleaning it. Or he may ask you to wear it part time for a year or more. Ask your orthodontist for more precise instructions.

Following these instructions is essential to keep hold of your newly straightened smile. Keep in mind that a normalized alignment can also aid in preventing future speech issues, TMJ, bruxism, enamel erosion and other oral health problems.

At least once every day, whether in the morning or evening, you can clean your retainer. Using water, nonabrasive toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush, gently and thoroughly brush it, rinse it and put it back in your mouth or into its case according to your orthodontist’s directions. It is most convenient to do this during your regular oral hygiene routine.

Are you ready for your retainer? If you have any queries or concerns, you can ring a member of our friendly dental staff at Roger Druckman, DDS PC in Denver, Colorado. Our number is 303-691-2860, so give us a call today!