Dr. Roger Druckman and our team are pleased to use digital X-rays in many of our patients’ exams and treatments. Digital X-rays are becoming more and more common in the dental field; however, our dentist also utilizes Logicon with our X-ray system, which is a caries detector software that is used to find cavities that would be otherwise missed even by an experienced dentist.

In addition to taking digital X-rays, we utilize DIAGNOdent®, a high-tech computerized cavity detection instrument that was designed by scientists who found that bacteria can fluoresce light. The scientists developed a way to measure the fluorescence of the light by the bacteria and receive a read out on the DIAGNOdent instrument. When cavities are not visible on X-rays or even visually on the teeth with the naked eye, Dr. Roger Druckman uses DIAGNOdent to find surface cavities with the technology developed by these scientists.

During the exam, you, the patient, will hold the DIAGNOdent instrument that displays the read out. With DIAGNOdent, Dr. Roger Druckman goes over the surfaces of the teeth and gets the recordings of all the surfaces, while his dental assistant writes down the finding. The patient then sees the readout on the screens for him or herself.

If you are looking for a dentist who will prevent you from developing abscessed teeth because of missed cavities, we invite you to visit the office of Roger Druckman, DDS PC. Call 303-691-2860 today to learn more about our digital X-rays in Denver, Colorado, and schedule your appointment.