We are pleased to offer mouth guards in Denver, Colorado, to patients of all lifestyles. This is to protect the teeth from possible injury or damage. If you are interested in the benefits of mouth guards, we recommend visiting the office of Roger Druckman, DDS PC. At our practice, we are pleased to offer serveral types of mouth guards, including

Mouth guards are designed to provide additional protection to your teeth, particularly during contact sports and other physical activities. There are many benefits to mouth guards, including:

  • Does not affect patient’s ability to breathe properly
  • Allows patients to speak with ease
  • Firmly stays in place, whether its worn at night or during a physical activity
  • Provides wearer with optimal comfort and fit
  • Made of an enduring material and is easy to clean
  • Has tear-resistant, odorless and tasteless qualities

Be aware that the types and materials recommended to you by our dentist will be based on your individual needs. You do not have to know what variety is best, as we aim to make it a stress-free process for our patients to receive the dental care and appliances they need. You can be comfortable and confident in receiving the most suitable and affordable mouth guard possible at our office. Please contact our office at 303-691-2860 if you have any concerns or questions. You may also call us to organize a mouth guard consultation.