Are you uncomfortable with your smile? Do you have decayed or missing teeth, or loose-fitting dentures? We offer dental prosthetics in Denver, Colorado, to remake your smile into one that leaves you feeling confident and happy. Our doctor and team have the experience and expertise necessary to provide an impeccable dental prosthetic. This is because we base our techniques and treatments solely on that patient’s desires, dental history, and oral hygiene habits. At the office of Roger Druckman, DDS PC, our prostheses include the following:

The prosthetic devices we offer are supported by the surrounding soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity. For added convenience to our patients, we will discuss the many different denture designs available. If you have endured the distress of loosely-fitting dentures, this can cause extreme conscientiousness. To avoid this issue, we arrange periodical visits after your dentures have been placed to make any necessary adjustments. We also inform patients on the best methods and brands to clean their prostheses, making them even more durable.

Our team understands the life-changing benefits of an enhanced and attractive smile. With a facial feature as noticeable as a smile, we want our patients to feel self-assured! Please get in touch with our office at 303-691-2860 for more details on dental prosthetics, and to make an appointment with our dentist.