The Basics: Jaw and Facial Pain

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If you want to maintain a health smile, you should look for signs and symptoms of damage that may to your mouth and address these concerns. If for example you are suffering from chronic jaw and facial pain, the problem could be linked to an underlying condition. You should visit your dentist for a comprehensive exam to determine the exact cause of your pain.

Jaw and facial pain could also be indications of a deeper underlying condition that needs to be treated. Various causes of jaw and facial pain can include toothaches, infections, arthritis, trauma or underlying conditions such as TMJ disorders or bruxism.

If you are suffering from jaw and facial pain, various pain-relieving medications and anti-inflammatory drugs may help lessen the pain. Even mouth guards and strength exercises for your jaw can help alleviate tension and stress associated with jaw and facial pain. However, in order to address the issues that caused the disorder, various procedures may be needed. Those procedures may include root canal therapy, periodontal treatment or a tooth extraction.

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