What You Can Do to Overcome These Causes of Bad Breath

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Overcoming bad breath isn’t necessarily hard, but it does require effort. Today we are going to look at three common causes of less than optimal breath and what you can do about it. Our Roger Druckman, DDS PC team in Denver, Colorado, we recommend taking action to conquer these issues to improve your oral health as well as your breath!

Along with the change in season from summer to fall comes changes in breathing as respiratory illnesses increase. Sinus infections are especially challenging when it comes to breathing, as they plug up with mucus. To drain them, you can use saline sprays, allergy remedies, or nasal steroids, and up your hydration by drinking plenty of water.

Dry mouth is an insidious condition that can arise any time of year. Dry mouth comes from insufficient saliva production. You need saliva to rinse away bacterial residue and to keep your mouth free from plaque buildup. Drinking caffeinated drinks can deplete saliva levels, as well as breathing through the mouth instead of the nose, and even using antihistamines. Drink lots of water and stimulate saliva production by chewing sugarless gum or candy, and snacking on fresh apples or celery slices.

Tobacco use dries out the mouth and results in a bad smelling breath, along with increased susceptibility to gum disease. We urge you to quit this habit for your oral and overall health. In addition, up your oral hygiene efforts: brush twice daily and floss once a day, rinse with thoroughly to wash away bacterial debris, and hydrate to create better breath.

Protecting your smile is important all year round, and a healthier smile will result in a better breath. Please give us a call at 303-691-2860 if you have any questions or to schedule a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Roger Druckman.