Over the years, we have noticed a common complaint from patients about the discomfort a denture can cause on the roof of the mouth, or the palate. For some, this can cause a gagging sensation. For others, swallowing and speaking is a grueling task with a full-palate denture in place. Upper dentures in general can diminish a patient’s ability to taste and experience their food. They can also impede on the proper function needed to eat normally. We hope to remove these possible prosthetic nuisances in order to better serve our patients and increase their happiness.

Our goal is to make sure our patients receive the most suitable and complementary care available. Therefore, we can offer our patients a more comfortable lifestyle with palate-less dentures in Denver, Colorado. This option effectively improves a patient’s sense of taste and avoids the issues of gag-reflex sensitivity. If you are interested in these transformative benefits, we invite you to come in for a consultation at the office of Roger Druckman, DDS PC. Our dentist will answer all your concerns and inquiries while also considering your needs and budget. Please call 303-691-2860 for more information on this prosthetic option, and we would be happy to find an appointment time for you.