When Dr. Roger Druckman was in the Army, he was trained by the crown and bridge specialist, and he completed 300 units of crown and bridgework. As a matter of fact, when generals were coming into the Fort Simmons Medical Center, where our dentist was located, they were assigned to Dr. Roger Druckman for all their dental care and they were given priority over all the other patients, whether for treatment time or for laboratory work. If Dr. Roger Druckman was not home on time after work, his wife would look out at the helicopter pad within view of their home. If a helicopter was on the pad with its blades rotating slowly, she knew he was with a patient.

Dental Crowns
We offer dental crowns for the revival of our patients’ tooth surface and structure. This allows our team to quickly alleviate the discomfort of damaged or infected dentary. With dental crowns, you can smile and eat with a renewed sense of comfort and durability because the dental crown covers the entire tooth to restore its original size and shape.

Dental Bridges
If you have lost a tooth, our team understands the extreme self-consciousness caused by this dilemma. One way we can eliminate this distress is with dental bridges, which are fixed dental restorations that are anchored in place with two dental crowns. Treating patients with dental bridges requires an experienced and methodical dentist. Dr. Roger Druckman is completely able to give you the smile you deserve and the confidence that comes accordingly.

We hope to see you soon at the office of Roger Druckman, DDS PC, as we deliver exemplary and considerate care for our patients. Please call our office at 303-691-2860 to learn more about dental crowns and dental bridges in Denver, Colorado, and make an appointment with our dentist.